Monday, January 16, 2006

Skadi with armor and weapons.

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January 2006 - Pencil drawing. Skadi (also known as Skade, Skathi, Skadhi, Skaði) is the daughter of the giant (Jotun) Thjazi and inheriter of his home, Thrymheim. She is associated with archery, hunting, skiing, and snowshoes, also with wolves. Needless to say, she is my favorite of the Goddesses. She is a goddess of winter, vengeance and weregild (for her father's death) hunting, and independence and strength (particularly for women) This is a vision of her in her armor with her bow, she is also often depicted in furs and skins , being a huntress and all Visit Skadi's page at Germanic Goddesses, click here, to read more about her and also visit a site dedicated to her, Skadavé for some beautiful poetry and articles.

Awesome folk metal from Norway!!! Check out Lumsk.

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