Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wood burning

I've decided to teach myself woodburning aka pyrography... I don't know , I had a thought it might be a good thing to take up...After practising a little bit with some rune and star designs on some scrap wood I had I decided to go for it and came up with this:

This is a runestone design from the "Viking Designs" book I like to practise from. I decided that might actually be easier then attempting a wolf or person right away....I just sketched it out from the book, left in the runes, I don't know what these spell exactly so please don't ask. The wood is just basswood and for now it's unfinished, I don't think I'll be coloring it since I really like it like this and I have to practise with that first anyway. Also since the piece was small enough, I just placed it in my scanner like you would paper, it actually did'nt look too bad I thought, so I used that image to save me digging out my camera. (for now)


Catnapping said...

I like the look of woodburning. (and I've always loved the smell of it - my brother used to do a lot of pieces before he had kids...but he's been getting back into it, teaching his daughter.

Debra said...

yes, gotta love the smell. Thanks for dropping by.