Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stop Japan's whaling program

From AUSXIP-Update :

Lucy signs Anti-Whaling Petition...

The Australian Government (after the election of the Rudd Labor
Government and 11 years of gross inaction by our version of the
Republicans) is going after the Japanese boats which are hunting whales
for "scientific purposes" (a load of horse poop).

Japan's whaling fleet set sail last month with plans to catch more than
1000 whales, including 50 humpbacks!

Meanwhile across the ditch to kiwi land, the following appeared in
today's The Dominion ( :
http://www.stuff. .html

PM backs anti-whaling campaign
The prime minister has swung behind a campaign to stop Japanese whaling,
as Australia prepares to send planes and an armed ship to monitor the
whaling fleet near Antarctica.

The Dominion Post began a campaign this week to halt the slaughter by
Japan of up to 50 threatened humpback whales, 50 endangered fin whales
and 935 minke whales.

By last night, more than 2100 people had signed an online petition
urging the Japanese Government "to abandon its abhorrent whaling
programme", including actress Lucy Lawless, singer Hollie Smith and
radio and television presenter Marcus Lush.

Click here if you want to sign the petition
http://www.gopetiti 15815.html

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