Tuesday, July 15, 2008


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2008 pyrography on pine, colored with stain markers. Thor with Mjolnir. Before anyone asks about his eyes:I meant to color in the wood tones, I don't know what else to call the color scheme ha ha.


Wayne Tully said...

I like this design of Thor and the intricate designs of gold done with stain markers you say, I wanna have a go!!

Great stuff!

I feel inspired to have a go myself at this type of art.

What other tools would I need for this, apart from slabs of wood, I might try this on my wooden toilet seat.

Debra said...

Thank you!! Right now I just use a burning tool from Walnut Hollow http://www.walnuthollow.com/ but I know there's other companies that make them. The stain markers I found at a craft store made by a company called Chartpak.
I've never heard of burning on a toilet seat, I've seen painted ones before. It would have to be unvarnished though cause you can't burn on wood that's been varnished or finished already :-/
Thanks again for the comment!


LGK said...

You are so talented. Such beautiful works.

Debra said...

thank you lgk!!