Friday, January 08, 2010

Freya and Hildisvini

Freya and Hildisvini
Originally uploaded by Debra Arnold
2010 Pyrography on pine. One of two designs of Freya and Hildisvini I have.


Becky Wilson aka Valkyrie1008 said...

WOW Debra Freya looks truly awesome the way you've captured her in this image. I love the feathery cloak she's wearing and the fact that she has a sword by her side proving she is a figure or strength not just of love fantasies.

Remind me though where the Pig fits into all of this? As Freya is a lover of cats - I think there is a pig that the Aesir kill and eat each night yet it's alive again the following day? Is that correct or is there a bit of Norse Mythology I haven't heard of? Always keen to know more about my favourite subject.

Debra said...

You're probably thinking of the warriors in Valhalla who have a pig they eat every night that's alive the next day :-)
Freya also has a boar she rides. Thanks for the comment :-)