Thursday, June 24, 2010

This Is Charley

This is NOT my video by the way, just thought it was cool


Faybe Bay said...

That is the sweetest video I have ever seen! I had a cat who the vet wanted to put down for a spinal injury. I told the vet "He feels something, I am not going to put him to sleep if there is the slightest chance!"
In about five weeks he was walking again. The back wasn't broken, just pinched nerves from swelling. So many times people don't ask for a second opinion on a pet. I now have a male who they said would never eat again after being attack by wild dogs. They said he'd have no will to live. We took him back home and loved him back to health. He's still with me now. I will never forget the moment when he actually came back to us, you could see it in his eyes. It was like he'd just realized the wild dogs were gone and he was safe. Don't give up on your pets, they have more in them than man can know!

Anonymous said...

Whoa..Thats a beautiful story ..I be sure to pass it on by feed . Good to be aware~~~ Cutie to the utmost god bles 'em little whiskews {=