Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Forest Spirit"

2006 Ballpoint Pen Drawing.

*note*I've removed the colored version of this one cause I just don't care for it, mainly the background I added, I don't know it just looks yucky and there's just too much going on....yes I'm my own worst critic. I'm BRUTAL. You can still kind of see it in my heading logo for the blogs, though I might change that too. Anyway I still feel the drawing itself is great and I'm proud of it, and people like it, my sister's hubby's niece's hubby said it would make a cool tattoo (I get that kind of comment a lot or I should go into tattooing (!) I don't know about that.....) Anyway, back to the drawing , you can also view it here at my page, it's also at deviantART in the Scraps section. I'll probably try recoloring it, just give it a little wash of color and shadow cause thats all it needs really. I do have a couple projects on my desktop that have to be finished first. Howl at ya later!!

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