Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Items for sale

Please go to the "Items for sale" tag on the left side of this blog or here, to see my updated list of items for sale.  I've lowered the price of some items and added the recent "Noble Wolf" woodburning. This costs a little more due to the wood used. I'm also NOT going to be doing anymore of the boxes ad frames since I'm not sure of the wood type and it is too soft to burn on. Also these come from China and I'd rather keep track of where my wood is coming from particularly for enviromental reasons. At least with drawing you can use recycled paper... The basswood slices come from Walnut Hollow by the way. I am looking at using fallen branch slices for pendants right now so that will be good hopefully I'll have some to work with soon, I just need a saw and also a new drill  Howl at ya later!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Wolf and pups

Wolf and pups
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2008 ballpoint pen drawing. Could be better I know....I'll probably do a wood-burning of this eventually too. This is one of a couple recent pics I've finally decided to post today, since I know I have'nt posted much artwork lately....have to change that I think....howl at ya later!!

Running Wolf

Running Wolf
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2008 ballpoint pen drawing. I'll probably do a wood-burning of this eventually.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Club Pogo's Vikings!

I've been playing alot on Club Pogo lately, thanks to a gift guest pass from a friend. My screenname is wolfs755.  I thought I'd share the "Mini" I made there too, these are little doll avatars you can "buy" clothes, backgrounds and other goodies for using the points you win from games.  This is pretty much the only outfit I like (naturally) though of course putting horns on her helmet is wrong; the male version of the costume is a bit more accurate with NO horns on the helmet and he carries a hammer .  It's frustrasting though, because there are'nt many good backgrounds or items to go with a Viking girl, hopefully they'll come up with a little wolf or dragon to give her someday.  Howl at ya later!!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Lucy at the park with dandelions...

4 Lucy 5_3_08

3 Lucy 5_3_08

2 Lucy 5_3_08

1 Lucy 5_3_08

Wild Heart

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2008 pyrography on pine heart.

Noble Wolf Wood-burning

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2008 on basswood slice. I REALLY love this one.